What We Do

Care Four is an adventure lifestyle brand inspired by the landscapes and cultures we explore. We collaborate with partner charities and leaders on the front lines of CLIMATE, CULTURE, CREATION, and COURAGE to enact large-scale change.


Our Story

Care Four was born to solve the paradox of scarcity as it relates to giving back to our communities and the causes we believe in.

We all live busy lives, and while the majority of us try our best to give back, we are often handcuffed by the number of hours in a day and the amount of paper in our pockets. For us, the real struggle manifests in the frustration that surrounds our frugal attempts to donate the little time and money we have to spare. Sure, the time and money we put forth makes us feel better, but we never really feel like our individual contributions make a difference in the grand scheme of things. That frustration eventually led to the creation of Care Four.

At Care Four we aim to bridge the scarcity gap that constricts our individual ability to enact large-scale change by building a brand that blends crowd-sourcing and conscious consumerism together to raise awareness and funds for what we believe in. That’s why 20% of each and every order goes back to a partner charity of YOUR choice as they relate to our 4 Core Causes of: CLIMATE, CULTURE, CREATION, AND COURAGE.

 If you care about it; Care Four it.

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20% of every order goes back to Heart to Heart International